A foot type evaluation by our Board Certified Pedorthist helps to identify the biomechanical indications that contribute to your foot and ankle alignment, gait compensations and, ultimately, your foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain. 
The Quadrastep System features orthotic models that are designed for your specific foot type and will improve how you move more effectively than any other prefabricated foot orthotics on the market.  
Regular wear of Quadrasteps results in improved support, stability and pain relief.
Every Quadrastep orthotic variant is designed to cater to a distinct foot type. To avoid the potential insufficient or excessive correction of our customers' lower extremity alignment, it is our policy to dispense Quadrastep orthotics to customers only after they undergo a fitting conducted by one of our certified fitters.
While custom foot orthotics, dispensed by your physician, remain the pinnacle of foot and ankle modality, Quadrastep orthotics are a functional alternative available for a fraction of the price.