Foot Measurement:  We measure foot length, width, and arch length of both feet to determine the shoe size that will afford the best, most Propr Fit.  

Weight Bearing Evaluation:  Assessment of arch height, heel inversion/eversion, forefoot pronation/supination, knee alignment, forefoot deformities, and foot shape help our Fit Specialists to determine the best way to realign your foot and ankle.

Gait Evaluation:  Observing a customer's gait while wearing new footwear helps our Fit Specialist to determine whether the desired effect has been achieved.
    Objective and Subjective Results:  We will be confident that we have achieved a Propr Fit when your lower extremity alignment is optimized and the fit of your shoe affords adequate toe room, alignment of your metatarsal heads over the break of the shoe and a secure fit at the heel; these are some of the contributors of a Propr Fit. 
    Ultimately, we maintain that a Propr Fit is realized when you report improved comfort and pain relief.